Not available from 21th December 2015 to 8th February 2018!

We will be back in operation as usual from 8/02/2018.

Our Process

Online Food Court (OFC) is a collection of restaurants and food suppliers. With your OFC account you can purchase from any of these supplier's, and get those delivered to your office.

How your order is processed

1. When you placed an order with us, our order routing system will send it to the corresponding restaurant.

2. Restaurant will prepare your food and keep it ready to be collected.

3. You have two options to collect your item.
  • a) First and mostly used method is letting our delivery personal to collect it on behalf of you and deliver it to your office. By default this option is selected. If you prefer this option, you do not have to do anything, simply place your order, we will bring it to you.

  • b) Second option is to collect the item by yourself, by visiting the restaurant. If you prefer this option, you have to inform us, after placing your order, otherwise we will assume that you prefer the first option.

4. Once item is delivered to your office, you will receive a SMS notification.